Educating Animators Conference – Call for Presentations

This November, as part of our annual festival we are very proud to be hosting our first academic conference with our higher education partner The University of Salford. The conference will take place the day after the festival, at the universities MediaCityUK campus and we are currently accepting calls for presentations. Read on for more information on our conference dedicated to teaching the world’s most expressive art form…

Call for Presentations

Animation may well claim to be the world’s most expressive artform. As it is open to collaborate with many different mediums it offers a platform that has no defined boundary. With limitless creative potential, approaching animation from an education point of view may sometime prove a challenge. The focus of the academic conference will be the pedagogic response to animation; how it is taught and understood across Higher Education, Schools, Community Workshops and within Industry itself. The interdisciplinary and heterogeneous nature of animation creates a complex and rewarding challenge to creating and delivering a creative curriculum. The new affordances of emerging technologies like VR, the expectations of learners, the historical and cultural contexts, and pressures of being commercially relevant also create tensions and opportunities to explore. The conference is an opportunity to share and debate good practice across the education sector, and open up conversations with industry to support knowledge transfer, to explore this creative industry and how we shape it through a curriculum.

We invite submission of :

Proposal for Presentations of 15mins

The conference would like to encourage those engaged with Practice based Research that informs their teaching and learning – those that develop Artist Films, Prototypes, Documentaries & Behind the Scenes Videos of Case Studies / Projects are welcome to submit their work.  Presentations with films need be included within the 15mins.

For more information such as list of topics, submission guidelines and deadlines, please click here.