Animated Answers: Little or Large, Which Studio is Best for You?

  • Animated Answers: Little or Large, Which Studio is Best for You?

Working with our industry partner Brown Bag Films we’re proud to introduce Animated Answers. Bringing together people from industry to answer questions from the audience about issues anyone working in industry or interested in a career in animation can relate to. Come along armed with questions and put them to our panel of experts from the creative community.

Little or Large, Which Studio is Best for You
Animation studios come in all shapes and sizes, with varying projects. Would you fare better as a big fish in a small pond, or would you prefer more water to swim in? With the help of your questions our experts uncover the pros and cons of each setup.


Tom Box

After co-founding Blue Zoo over 18 years ago, Tom continues to be a driving force throughout the company. Tom works as an executive creative within the commercials & games team, manages Blue Zoo’s AnimDojo online training initiative and also runs the studio’s short films programme.

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Cliodhna Lyons

Clíodhna is an Animator and Illustrator with a first name that few people outside of Ireland can pronounce or spell. Her parents named her after a lifeboat on the Aran Islands where she was born for which she feels slightly jibbed as boats are usually named after people and not the other way round.

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Bill Gordon

Two-time Canadian Screen Award Nominee in the category of Best Director, Bill Gordon has spent over 20 years in the Animation industry. He started with Canadian CG pioneers Mainframe Entertainment, where he worked on Beast Wars: Transformers, Hot Wheels, Barbie and others projects. After leaving Mainframe, Bill spent almost 12 years at DHX Media working for clients such as Netflix, The Jim Henson Co. and Fisher Price. He is currently Episodic Director at Brown Bag Film’s Manchester studio, where he’s directing Season 2 of Nella the Princess Knight for Nickelodeon.

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Date & Time: Tue, 13 Nov - 11:00
Approx. Runtime: 60 mins
Venue: Theatre 2