Animated Answers: The A-Z of an Art Department

  • Animated Answers: The A-Z of an Art Department

Working with our industry partner Brown Bag Films we’re proud to present Animated Answers. Bringing together people from industry to answer questions from the audience about issues anyone working in industry or interested in a career in animation can relate to. Come along armed with questions and put them to our panel of experts from the creative community.

Animated Answers – The A-Z of an Art Department

Join us for a tour around the art department and discover a network of people all working towards brilliant content for the screen. Our panel will uncover the roles and responsibilities of this fabled faction of an animation studio.


Philip Gray

Phil studied animation at Glamorgan at the end of the 20th century. Graduating, he went on to work in the stop motion world in Bristol at Aardman and Manchester at Cosgrove Hall.  He made a few short films in this time and gradually moved into computer animation, beginning work with TT games in 2006.  During his time with TT Phil has worked on over 20 Lego games as an animator, writer, and director and took on the role as head of the department in 2018.

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Giedre Kaveckaite

Giedre is an Art Director at Brown Bag Films. She has been working in animation for 7 years. She began her career as a 3D generalist, but eventually decided to pursue her passion and what she loved most, 2D design and visual development. Giedre joined Brown Bag Films as a background artist on Nella the Princess Knight back in 2016.

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Francisco Ruiz

Francisco is a 2D Layout Supervisor at Brown Bag Films. He started his career in 2012 as an Illustrator for cultural activities for children. In 2014 he began working in Animation as a Layout and Background Painter for Nickelodeon’s Pig Goat Banana Cricket at Anima Studio in Mexico City. In 2018 he made the move to Manchester and Brown Bag Films as a 2D Layout Supervisor for Season 2 of Nickelodeon’s Nella the Princess Knight.

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Karen de Jong

Karen is an art director at Locksmith Animation on their first animated feature, Ron Gone Wrong.   She began her career as an art director and matte painter on live action visual effects.  She spending 10 years at Disney Feature Animation and has worked in visual development at Sony Feature Animation, Paramount Animation and Digital Domain FL. 

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Date & Time: Wed, 13 Nov - 11:00
Approx. Runtime: 60 mins
Venue: Theatre 2