Animated Answers: What makes the perfect showreel?

  • Animated Answers: What makes the perfect showreel?

Working with our industry partner Brown Bag Films we’re proud to present Animated Answers. Bringing together people from industry to answer questions from the audience about issues anyone working in industry or interested in a career in animation can relate to. Come along armed with questions and put them to our panel of experts from the creative community.

Animated Answers – What makes the perfect showreel?

Whether you want a career change, want to land your first job or that dream job you’ve always wanted it’s tricky putting together a package of work that will make you stand out as the ideal candidate. But theres more to landing a role than the perfect portfolio. Join our panel of experts as we discuss do’s and don’ts for animation job seekers.



Katie Gascoyne

Katie Gascoyne is the Talent and Recruitment Coordinator at Blue Zoo Animation Studio, based in London. She discovers emerging talent for both current and future roles for the studio, travelling across the UK and Europe to meet talented artists from anywhere and everywhere!

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Cliodhna Lyons

Clíodhna is Episodic Director at Brown Bag Films and is an Animator & Illustrator with a first name that few people outside of Ireland can pronounce or spell. Her parents named her after a lifeboat on the Aran Islands where she was born for which she feels slightly jibbed as boats are usually named after people and not the other way round.

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Rosetta Cassini

Rosetta Cassini is Production Assistant at Mackinnon & Saunders, a world leading studio in the art of character development and stop-motion puppet making.

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Date & Time: Tue, 12 Nov - 12:30
Approx. Runtime: 60 mins
Venue: Theatre 2