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Following the success of their panel at CMC this year, the Animated Women UK team are taking their ‘Tips and Hits’ on tour, celebrating women across the country who have succeeded in the animation business. They share inspirational journeys and ask pertinent questions around equality and inclusion – centuries of conditioning may not change things overnight, but by channelling positive examples of where equality works, we can help boot out bad practice in favour of a more balanced future.


Beth Parker

Beth joined Disney in 2014 to look after the production of animated content for Disney Channels across the EMEA region. Over the last twenty years, she has worn a number of different hats: running a studio, as head of production for an international brand management company, a freelance producer and a social entrepreneur.

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Jo Allen

Jo Allen has been working in animation since taking a 6 week job answering the phone at Aardman in 1992. Jo has won a BAFTA for best short animated film and her work has been nominated for both an Academy Award and other BAFTAs, and won the Cartoon D’or, Annecy Special Jury prize and D&AD awards to name but a few of the swanky ones. Jo joined the BBC in 2013, and is now a producer for BBC Children’s Acquisitions and Independent Animation.

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Sarah Legg-Barratt

Sarah Legg-Barratt joined the BBC in 2004 after managing the A&R department of influential record label Good Looking Records. She has worked extensively for BBC Children’s during her time at the broadcaster in a wide range of roles. She has worked as a Programme Executive on many of the channel’s popular animations including Peter Rabbit, Messy Goes to OKIDO, Pablo, School of Roars, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion and Postman Pat.

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Nicola Paglia

Nicole is a writer, director and development consultant. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, she began working in film and television in Sweden before moving to the UK. She has written on shows including Disney's 101 Dalmatian Street, Xilam Animation's Rolling With The Ronks and worked as Story Editor on Cartoon Network's The Amazing World of Gumball.

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Jo Chalkley

Jo has worked in the Animation Industry for over 25 years.  The bulk of Jo's experience has been in Stop Motion, specialising in pre-school and children's animation for companies including Cosgrove Hall Films, Factory Create and Aardman Animations. Her CV is full of many favorites including Andy Pandy, Postman Pat, Shaun the Sheep and Creature Comforts USA.

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Angela Salt

Angela Salt is a writer, content creator and development consultant. She recently founded her own company, Salt Content and is currently writing for several international, animated TV shows for children including Curious George, Panda and Krash (a Sino-Russian co-pro for CCTV which has an audience of 1.2 billion) and The Curious World of Linda, a beautiful show from South Korea. 

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Date & Time: Wed, 14 Nov - 10:30
Approx. Runtime: 75 mins
Venue: Cinema 2