IEA Workshop: Scriptwriting (16+)

  • IEA Workshop: Scriptwriting

The MAF Industry Excellence Award Workshops allow experts to deliver intimate workshops to small groups of people, focusing on specialist subjects and giving insider information and top tips from those at the top of their game!
Scriptwriter Andrew Burrell will give an overview of what’s he’s learned in his ten years of producing, script editing and writing for TV animation.  From the fundamentals of knowing your audience to the important question of what’s an acceptable number of biscuits to eat in a writers’ room?  Andrew will walk us through a range of script processes and how to fill the gaping white void of the blank page.


Andrew Burrell

Andrew is a scriptwriter, producer and story editor for live-action and animated telly.  Best known for writing on Matt Groening's Netflix show Disenchantment, previously he was Head Writer of Danger Mouse and is currently creating a new drama for Netflix Kids and Family.

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Date & Time: Wed, 13 Nov - 14:00
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Approx. Runtime: 120 mins
Venue: Event Space, HOME
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