IEA Workshop: Scriptwriting

  • IEA Workshop: Scriptwriting

The MAF Industry Excellence Award Workshops allow experts to deliver intimate workshops to small groups of people, focusing on specialist subjects and giving insider information and top tips from those at the top of their game!

Mark will be passing on all the techniques and wisdom he has amassed in his two decades of winging it in the world of television and film. Looking at everything from pitching and story structure to the nitty gritty of making an animated script pop, Mark will take us through the process of writing on an animated TV show such as Danger Mouse. He will also do his best to explain why having your work pulled apart by script editors, producers and rewriters is a really good thing which everyone should learn to enjoy.

Recommended for ages 16+


Mark Oswin

Mark Oswin has been sitting in a room making himself laugh for over 20 years. During that time he’s co-incidentally written and developed for numerous animated and live action shows on the BBC, Channel 4, Paramount and Nickelodeon - including large chunks of Strange Hill High and Danger Mouse.

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Date & Time: Wed, 14 Nov - 14:00
Approx. Runtime: 120 mins
Venue: Event Space