Skwigly Screening (18)

  • Skwigly Screening
  • Skwigly Screening
  • Skwigly Screening

Skwigly Online Animation Magazine is proud to present a selection of films from its animation community in association with this year’s edition of MAF. Skwigly has fast become one of the UK’s leading resources for all things animation, with a community made up of filmmakers the world over. The screening will feature a selection of innovative and exceptional animated shorts hand-picked by the Skwigly team.

Skwigly Screening Lineup:

  • Mediocre Cooking Skills (Dir. Joost Lieuwma, 2017)
  • Sparks – Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me) (Dir. Joseph Wallace, 2017)
  • Dam (Dir. Milo Targett, 2017)
  • Link (Dir. Robert Löbel, 2017)
  • The Best Invention In History! (Dir. Joost Lieuwma, 2017)
  • Casino (Dir. Steven Woloshen, 2016)
  • To Build A Fire (Dir. FX Goby, 2016)
  • Whack-A-Mole (Dir. Joost Lieuwma, 2017)
  • Nighthawk (Dir. Špela Čadež, 2016)
  • Catherine (Dir. Britt Raes, 2016)



Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell is a UK-based animation and post-production freelancer, independent director and writer/researcher. Since graduating with a Master's degree in Animation from the University of the West of England's Bristol School of Animation in 2008, Ben has worked actively as a freelancer for commercial projects, international television series, educational resources, web content and corporate commissions.

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Date & Time: Thu, 16 Nov - 16:10
Approx. Runtime: 60 mins
Venue: Event Space
This event is only available with a festival pass