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Ivor the Engine, The Clangers, Bagpuss – just three of the shows that defined a generation and filled childhood with wit and wonder were the work of Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin, two extraordinary pioneers of animated television who worked under the name of Smallfilms. The warmth of Postgate’s narrative coupled with the craft of Firmin’s designs, created timeless television from the ‘out buildings on Firmin’s farm in Kent. In an age before industrially produced television series, Smallfilms helped define all British children’s animated television that followed it. Join a panel of experts as we pay a visit to all those creative wonderlands that the studio created.

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Chris Pallant

Dr Chris Pallant, Canterbury Christ Church University, is the author of Demystifying Disney (2011), Storyboarding: A Critical History (2015) and editor ofAnimated Landscapes: History, Form and Function (2015).

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Daniel Postgate

Daniel Postgate is the son of the filmmaker Oliver Postgate. He started his career as a cartoonist and strip cartoonist for The Sunday Times, The Radio Times and Loot and produced a syndicated ‘fact cartoon’ – Did You Know? He has written and illustrated over fifty children’s books, has won the Nottingham and Norfolk Children’s book awards and was shortlisted for the Stockport and Sheffield Children’s book awards.

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Loaf has been director of a small advertising agency, agent and manager. He helps actors to act better and occasionally directs theatre or live events. In 1999 he was working on a production/analysis of Hamlet with some MA students and his mind turned to Northern Princes with their wicked uncles and of course his childhood favourite, Noggin the Nog. This led him to Oliver Postgate's door and they became firm friends, working together and establishing The Dragons Friendly Society in 2000 along with the late Peter Firmin.

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Date & Time: Wed, 14 Nov - 15:30
Approx. Runtime: 75 mins
Venue: Cinema 1