The Happiness Machine + Q&A (15)

  • The Happiness Machine + Q&A
  • The Happiness Machine + Q&A
  • The Happiness Machine + Q&A
  • The Happiness Machine + Q&A
  • The Happiness Machine + Q&A
  • The Happiness Machine + Q&A
  • The Happiness Machine + Q&A
  • The Happiness Machine + Q&A
  • The Happiness Machine + Q&A
  • The Happiness Machine + Q&A

An innovative, Pan European project that connects women animators and composers in the crafting of new work. Twenty artists were asked by Klangforum Wien and Tricky Women to consider our current economic system in light of the Economy for the Common Good social movement. The films reflect on various aspects of this movement – its opportunities and challenges, and its theory and practice.

Here are the resulting ten animations that explore themes of consumption, greed, solidarity, equality, responsibility, and revolt. They consider how the machine we operate within can be destroyed and rebuilt.

Ranging from the abstract and experimental, to fairy tales, documentary approaches, and the satirising of society, this collection brings together an incredible variety of voices and techniques.

Following this screening will be a Q&A with directors Samantha Moore & Elizabeth Hobbs, and co-founder of Tricky Women Waltraud Grausgruber.

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The Flounder, Dir Elizabeth Hobbs (UK), Composer Carola Bauckholt (Germany), 2019, 6 mins

One day a humble fisherman catches an enchanted fish. Can the fish help him and his wife improve their lot?

Hierarchy Glitch, Dir Vessela Dantcheva (Bulgaria), Composer Electric Indigo (Austria), 2019, 6 mins

Visual patterns are tied up in hierarchical behaviour that restrains the full potential and mobility of each individual element until the matrix collapses.

Music Box, Dir Joanna Kozuch (Slovakia), Composer Ying Wang (China/Germany), 2019, 6 mins

An ensemble of acrobats tries to create a perfect pyramid. However, one of them has problems with his hand so that the pyramid collapses.

Pantopos, Dir Eni Brandner (Austria), Composer Misato Mochizuki (Japan/France), 2019, 8 mins

Starting out in a world of grandeur, PANTOPOS takes us on a journey to a surreal place where nothing is as it used to be.

Bloomers, Dir Samantha Moore (UK), Composer Malin Bång (Sweden), 2019, 10 mins

Animated fabric brings the story of a lingerie factory in Manchester to life, as workers recount the history of Headen & Quarmby, UK manufacturing, and traditions of making.

Generator/Operator, Dir Andrea Schneider (Switzerland), Composer Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri (Greece/Germany), 2019, 6 mins

Translating the ideas of cooperation, trust, sharing and solidarity into separate working microcosms that run in an endless loop.

The Happiness Machine, Dir Ana Nedeljković (Serbia), Composer Hanna Hartmann (Sweden), 2019, 7 mins

A simulation of a non-existent video game concerned with the business practices of a company which at first sight seems ideal.

Lickalike, Dir Rebecca Blöcher (Germany), Composer Eva Reiter (Austria), 2019, 8 mins

In Lickalike we give voice to our reflections on the necessity and the character of artificial and natural forms of organisation.

Measuring the Distance, Dir Susanne Jirkuff (Austria), Composer Joanna Bailie (UK/Germany), 2019, 7 mins

Exploring urban edges as they correspond with the marginality of the social groups who inhabit them.

Suggestion of Least Resistance, Dir Michelle Kranot (Denmark), Composer Iris ter Schiphorst (Germany), 2019, 5 mins

Suggestion of Least Resistance is based on archive materials which depicts the July Revolt of 1927 (Der Brand des Wiener Justizpalastes), a monumental episode that is still acutely relevant.

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Year: 2019
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Waltraud Grausgruber

Waltraud Grausgruber is festival directress and co-founder of the Tricky Women/Tricky Realites Festival in Vienna, Austria.

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Elizabeth Hobbs

Elizabeth Hobbs is an animated filmmaker based in East London. She has been making films for 18 years. Her films are experimental in form and often centred upon real life people or events. Her films often employ methods from her printmaking background, but always explore and stretch the material possibilities of the medium.

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Samantha Moore

Sam Moore is an animated documentary maker who is passionate about the ability of animation to convey insights into tricky documentary topics. She has made work about competitive sweet pea growing, phantom limb syndrome, twins and multiple births, audio-visual synaesthesia, micro-biology, archaeological finds, and now the manufacturing of knickers.

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Date & Time: Wed, 13 Nov - 17:00
Approx. Runtime: 80 mins
Venue: Cinema 2