Banana Bread

  • Banana Bread

A 360º 2D drawn animation, created by Julian Gallese - TAIS's 2018 International Artist in Residence. Produced over one month in studio, Banana Bread invites you to hang out at a chill yet surreal garden party. Get comfortable, lounge by the pool, and observe your quirky companions. It's a sweet time, complete with hot BBQ.

Commissioned by the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS)

Director: Julian Gallese
Country: Canada
Year: 2018
Length: 00:01:36
Technique: Digital 2D, Traditional 2D,
Language: No Dialogue

This film is playing as part of:

Immersive Programme 1

Time: Tue, 13 Nov - 14:00
Venue: Theatre 2

Immersive Catch Up

Time: Thu, 15 Nov - 10:00
Venue: Theatre 2