Peter Lord and David Sproxton

Peter Lord and David Sproxton began their animating partnership as teenagers. While still at school, they created an animated film which was bought by the BBC for the Children’s programme Vision On; it featured a super-hero character who they called ‘Aardman’. After graduating from university in 1976 they moved to Bristol to try and earn a living making animated films. They soon received their first professional commission creating Morph for the BBC’s Take Hart. Peter and David were always interested in developing an adult audience for model animation and have continued to innovate and break new ground with different styles and techniques. They have remained at the helm of Aardman for over four decades, transforming the company from its humble table-top beginnings into a major, world class studio.

Aardman’s adeptness of engaging audiences with compelling stories told through animation, has earned the company a deserved worldwide reputation. Their award-winning work produces a unique brand of independent animated film alongside work for broadcast, advertising spots, interactive experiences and family attractions. The studio has had ten Oscar® nominations, winning four and 14 BAFTA®s with a further 17 BAFTA® nominations.


Events involving Peter Lord and David Sproxton:

Aardman: An Epic Journey (Book Signing)

Time: Thu, 15 Nov - 15:15
Venue: Event Space