IEA Award 2017 Nominees

The Industry Excellence Awards celebrate the talent of individuals working in the fields of Scriptwriting, Character Design, Storyboarding and Character Animation. Now in it’s second year, we recognise their achievements and reflect on a job well done.

Winners will be announced during the awards ceremony on Thu 16 Nov, 20:00. This years Industry Excellence Awards are sponsored by Sue Terry Voices.

Nominees are:


  • Francesca Adams for Digby Dragon: Star Wishes
  • Sara Barbas for School of Roars: Get Well Soon
  • Chris Parker for Postman Pat and the Space Suit

Character Design

  • Kris Hofmann for Not Just a House
  • Greg McLeod for Snjor
  • Louis Hudson for The PE Hub


  • Valentina Ventimiglia for Sarah & Duck: Planetarium Aquarium
  • Fern Bailey for What Makes the Universe Colourful?
  • Catherine Salkeld for Digby Dragon: Wonder Wings

Character Animation

  • Russell Hicks for Postman Pat Special Delivery Service: Runaway Remote
  • Emma Wakley for Simon’s Cat: Fish Tank
  • Anna Pearson for Twirlywoos: Twirling