Industry Excellence Awards Redesign! 

Since the first edition of the Manchester Animation festival we have worked closely with master model makers Mackinnon and Saunders on our awards. In 2015 Joe Holman designed the now iconic Bee Award which took its influence from the industrial revolution where the city of Manchester adopted the bee as it’s logo for it’s industrious attitude that the city holds to this day. Today we are incredibly excited to present the newly redesigned Industry Excellence Awards! Sculpted by Beth Jupe (below) the award mirrors our already existing film award beautifully and will be awarded to winners of this years Industry Excellence Awards.

Beth Jupe

The awards were created to recognise the talented individuals who work on commercial projects such as TV series work, adverts, music videos, interstitials and celebrate their acheivements in the following areas:

Storyboards (or animatics!)
Character Design
Character Animation

So if you know anyone who has excelled at the day job or if you would like to enter yourself you can do so for free on our website before the 27 July. Submit your Industry Excellence Award entries here.