Winners 2017

Thanks to the juries and to all who submitted films and work to the festival. Keep your eye on the newsletter where we will announce when we open for entries in 2018.

Winners of the 2017 Manchester Animation Festival are:

Best Short Film

Winner: Manivald By Chintis Lungren, of this film the jury said its:

The one that stuck with us because it worked on so many levels, not just technically and narratively which were wonderful, but also emotionally. It struck a rare balance between funny and moving

Special mention: Wicked Girl, the jury said it is a

Great use of animation to tell a difficult story and in fact the use of abstraction helped you feel the emotions all the more. A poetic telling of something that is hard to tell


Audience Award

Winner: Grandpa Walrus by Lucrèce Andreae

Voted for by the audience at Manchester Animation Festival 2017.


Best Student Film

Winner: Cabin Pressure By Matthew Lee, the jury said:

For it’s brilliant characterisation, great use of form and material, it is a perfectly crafted little story

Special mention: Cops and Robbers, the jury it was

Wonderfully atmospheric and captured being a certain age. Stellar camera work and an impressive use of sound, this film stayed with us

Best VR Short Film

Winner: The Adult Swim Meatwad Dome By Golden Wolf, the jury said:

This was a total experience that takes full advantage of the VR Medium


Best Commissioned Film

Winner: The Great British Bake Off By Parabella, the jury said this film is:

A joyful, fun celebration of food that perfectly captured the spirit of the show

Special mention: Hockney at Tate Britain, the jury said

It brought Hockney to life in a way that totally engaged us and instantly drew us into the world making us want to see more


Industry Excellence Award: Writing for Animation

Winner: Francesca Adams for Digby Dragon: Star Wishes, the jury said:

Characterful writing with a real spark and genuinely felt for the characters


Industry Excellence Award: Storyboarding

Winner: Valentina Ventimiglia for Sarah & Duck: Planetarium Aquarium, the jury said:

Very cute and perfectly paced. Great composition and shot design


Industry Excellence Award: Character Design


Winner: Kris Hofmann for Not Just a House



Industry Excellence Award: Character Animation

Winner: Emma Wakley for Simon’s Cat: Fish Tank, the jury said:

Brilliantly expressive physical comedy